MedMen to Add Boutique Cannabis Strains from Fog City Farms

MedMen to Add Boutique Cannabis Strains from Fog City Farms

BusinessWire reports that MedMen Enterprises announced that it will carry new products from Fog City Farms, a Santa Cruz-based cannabis cultivation company specializing in sustainable growing and business practices. The boutique marijuana strain creators have an emphasis on state-of-the-art vertical farms where they cultivate unique small-batch styles for MedMen shoppers across California starting January 23rd!

“MedMen is proud to stock the latest strains from Fog City Farms, a sustainably-minded cultivator with a deeply-rooted history in Northern California’s legendary cannabis scene,” explained Tyson Rossi, the SVP Product, and Revenue at MedMen. “Cultivated with forward-thinking farming practices and a focus on boutique cultivars, Fog City Farms’ cannabis products mark another strategic addition to our diverse brand roster, which we continue to expand in pursuit of best-in-class products for our growing customer base.”

MedMen’s new collaboration with Fog City Farms’ Hashbone will be a line of premium, solventless hash-infused prerolled papers. The first release features artisan blends sourced from top flower and cold water bubble hash so users can enjoy their favorite cannabis product without sacrificing quality!

Historically speaking, MedMen has had its ups and downs in the cannabis space. The national cannabis operation recently backed out of a New York deal with Ascend Wellness just as the state’s legal marketplace was getting established.

Ascend Wellness claims that the company refused to close on the deal and was working to terminate the Investment Agreement. However, not all news from MedMen has been bad.

Three weeks ago, MedMen opened a Fenway store location to officially enter Massachusetts’ cannabis marketplace. This was a massive advance for the company as it continues to expand its presence throughout the country.

Furthermore, equally important to remember is that MedMen recently brought California’s brand, Jungle Boys, to shelves.

“Being one of California’s most deeply-rooted and well-respected cannabis collectives, Jungle Boys are the gold standard when it comes to pheno-hunting methods, proven cultivation techniques, and award-winning strains – and it’s an absolute honor to feature their products on MedMen shelves,” explained Rossi. “We’re always searching for best-in-class cannabis products and we’re proud to continue building our inventory with products of the highest quality.”

MedMen plans to stock various Jungle Boys products, including the brand’s most popular strains like Lemon Mints, Hansolo, Jungle Mints, WiFi Mints, Motor Breath, and Gator Breath.

MedMen is constantly adding to its portfolio, showcasing a prime example of accelerated growth in the cannabis space. For those looking to expand their own portfolios, this company is an excellent example of commitment to high-quality products and fully-stocked inventories that impress consumers.

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