Milwaukee Officials Warn Residents Not To Vape THC Products

Milwaukee seems to be the most recent victim of the “Vape Lung” scare. As of this past Wednesday, 16 people from 10 different Wisconsin counties were hospitalized and diagnosed with chemical pneumonia.

Chemical pneumonia is caused when an individual inhales irritants that cause the lungs to become inflamed. Medical staff discovered a common practice among the hospitalized individuals: they had all vaped or dabbed cannabis products prior to their illness. 

 In a recent statement, Milwaukee health officials urged cannabis consumers to stop vaping THC products. Milwaukee’s Health Department even went as far as putting out a statement saying, “Residents are again strongly encouraged to not utilize any THC products containing e-liquid.”

No further information was given on the vaporizers or products involved. The hospitals also do not have a full understanding of the risks associated with vaping nicotine or cannabis, as it is a relatively new phenomenon and hasn’t been extensively studied.

Wisconsin’s recent vape epidemic is only a drop in the bucket in a national “Vape Lung” crisis. 193 cases of the disease from across the country have been reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The CDC has not yet found a single cause of the illness that has affected individuals across 22 states, but claims that it isn’t infectious. There is a common component to all the cases, however: patients who have been diagnosed with the disease had been using THC vapes or e-cigarettes prior to becoming ill. 

Between the CDC and the FDA, officials are scrambling to figure out the negative health effects that vaping may cause. Whether this specific case is caused by unregulated and unsafe counterfeit vape products or simply a result of vaping is unknown. 

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