5 Movies That You’ll Might Want To Watch After Sparking a Joint

There’s not much that pairs better with a freshly lit joint than a great movie to relax to. Whether it’s a nice sativa with a comedy, a hybrid with a heist film, or an indica with something chill, cannabis can increase our enjoyment of films. Here’s some great movies to check out after you spark a joint.

Into The Spider-Verse

Into The Spider-Verse has some of the best visuals that any film has ever had. It was designed to look more like a comic book, from the pop-art-esque backgrounds to the character’s exaggerated facial expressions. Speech bubbles and onomatopoeia pop up onscreen as a callback to classic superhero comics. And aside from looks, the story is pretty awesome. It centers on Miles Morales, a new version of Spider-Man, and some intricate interdimensional shenanigans. It’s a wonderful story that you’ll find yourself unable to look away from. 

Baby Driver 

Baby Driver isn’t just a heist film. In many ways, it feels like the origin story of the titular character, Baby, as he speeds and skids his way from one robbery to the next. The movie also has one of the best soundtracks a movie about a getaway driver could have. If you pair it with a euphoric hybrid or indica strain, you’ll find yourself enthralled with the music while you find yourself hyperfocused on the fun, unique plot. 

Logan Lucky

While there’s already a heist film on this list, Logan Lucky makes for a great film to watch after sparking a joint. Similar to Baby Driver, it’s more than just a heist film. It follows the family curse of the unlucky Logans of West Virginia and their attempt to change their fortunes by robbing a North Carolina NASCAR speedway. It’s a super fun movie with a lot of heart to it, and just a tinge of classic Americana.


If you’re looking to have a classic, giggly, elevated time, look no further than Superbad. It’ll leave you laughing for hours and then quoting the movie for days afterwards. Superbad is one of the few campy comedy films that’s consistently funny, even on a rewatch. 

Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction is a ride, and even more so with a bit of cannabis to go with it. It’s a great story about two hitmen and some other motley characters from the criminal underbelly of LA, all having conversations you might have right after the best blunt of your life. Highlights include whether a foot massage counts as infidelity, the tedium of smalltalk, and how aesthetic pleasure can conflict with sensory pleasure. This movie pairs great with cannabis, especially with friends who will philosophize with you about it afterwards. 


This list is by no means exhaustive, but I think we all know how hard it can be to pick a fun new movie while couchlocked. Whether you settle in for a ride with the unlucky Logans or join the Superbad crew on their quest for Goldslick, be sure to enjoy it with some high-quality bud.

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