Cali Cities May Allow New Recreational Cannabis Markets

Marijuana Business Daily reports that there are more than twenty-six California towns and counties that have the potential to create new markets for recreational marijuana by introducing ballot measures in November. This could result in more than 150 retail licensing,  along with numerous other possibilities for plant-touching and related businesses.

Chart and map showing where ballot initiatives may create new marijuana licenses.
Image from Ananda Strategy

At least 28 cities are set to submit certain cannabis ballot measures this autumn, making it the biggest group since California began regulation of adult use in the year 2018, according to Marijuana Business Daily research.

“These upcoming ballot measures are encouraging,” said Dirk Voss, director of compliance and government at Zen Cannabis, which sells products such as edibles and other THC-CBD-infused items in California as well as other states.

“If passed, it will open up additional operational dispensaries throughout the state if those cities move forward and actually license dispensaries at the local level.”

The majority of referendums require voters to either accept or deny marijuana companies, specifically retail.

A few municipalities that are included, such as Huntington Beach in Orange County, Healdsburg in Sonoma County, and Avenal in the Central Valley will address local marijuana prohibition with marijuana taxation measures for businesses that in essence open the door to controlled markets if they’re approved.

Voter-driven ballot drives could eventually aid in reducing the gaps in access to marijuana for consumers since the majority of counties and cities across the state have yet to ban commercial marijuana businesses.

“This could lead to 125 to 150 new retail licenses, which is significant,” said Hirsh Jain, founder of Ananda Strategy, a cannabis consulting firm based in Los Angeles. Ananda Strategy, which crunched the figures


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