Not So Sweet Mistake: Cannabis Cake Unknowingly Given To Nurses

What better way to thank your nurses than give them a cake? Well, depending on the nurses, gifting them a cannabis-infused cake might help you make friends around the hospital. Other nurses might not appreciate the kind gesture.

On May 27 at a Warrington, England hospital, a grandfather brought a cake in as a “thank you” to the nurses. His family member had been in the hospital. Since the nurses had taken such good care of his family, he wanted to thank them with a cake. He did not know about the herbal extract in the cake.

The staff members smelled the cannabis infusion, so they notified the Cheshire Police. Once the police came, they realized that the cake was definitely giving off some buzzy vibes. The authorities took the weed cake and destroyed it, sparking an investigation into the matter.

While at least one of the hospital’s staff members ate a piece of the cake, no one got high. Fortunately, none of the patients ate any of the edible, meaning their care was not compromised by this incident.

The Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust released this statement on their website regarding this incident: 

“On 27th May 2019 a visitor brought in some birthday cake from their relative’s 18th birthday which was offered to our staff as a ‘thank you’ for the excellent care that a patient had received. The visitor was completely unaware that there was cannabis in the cake. Only one member of staff ate a small piece of cake, did not suffer any ill effects, did not care for any patients afterward and finished their shift.

On noticing a strange odor from the cake senior staff notified Chestshire Police who removed and subsequently destroyed the cake.

The Trust activated its usual incident investigation process and interviewed all staff concerned; only the member of staff ate the cake, no one came in any harm and no patients ate the cake. 

We are now working with staff to exercise caution on receiving edible gifts. To confirm, there were no issues that compromised patient care during the shift relating to the consuming of the cake.”


As more occurrences like this one occur, does this make you nervous about accepting edible gifts at your place of work?

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