Oregon Cannabis Overstock — Seven Years Worth, Yet Legal Exports To Canada Prove Impossible

Oregon’s legal marijuana cultivators have been working tirelessly. But working harder isn’t always ideal in certain situations.

With so much Oregon cannabis in stock, the price is lower than ever. And while this might seem like good news for consumers in the region, the growers are falling on some difficult times.

This is a supply management issue, and comparable to how Canada handles its dairy farmers, Oregon needs to gain control over its industry before it’s too late.

Many believe that exporting the buds to Canada would be the most profitable solution. Canada has been having shortages since legalization, resulting in temporary store closures throughout several provinces. In fact, Ontario has placed a limit on how many dispensaries can be opened.

Unfortunately, legally exporting the unsold cannabis from Ohio to Canada isn’t an option. There are a million pounds of bud just waiting for consumption, but this solution has two problems.

For starters, the lack of a legal framework in the U.S. to export cannabis is non-existent. Regardless of whether the buds are for medical or recreational use, exporting just isn’t something the country is concerned with at this point. Also, the federal Cannabis Act prohibits Canada from importing recreational cannabis.

Since exporting isn’t currently an option, the Oregon state senate met on Wednesday to see about lessening the production of the plant. However, the idea was shot down.

With this measure, the state would have limited the number of cannabis production licenses being put out, basing production on the supply and demand. Since this idea was shot down, the probability of Ohio-produced cannabis being sold on the black market increases.

Senate Minority Leader Herman Baertschiger, Jr. states he believes the free market should be dictating this prices. Without the passing of this measure, the state will continue allowing cannabis overproduction in Ohio with no solution in place.

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