Our Top 10 Favorite Dispensaries in LA

Now that recreational marijuana is legal in California, hundreds of more weed dispensaries have popped up in just a few months. In Los Angeles alone, there are about 1500 pot shops. That’s more than the entire state of Colorado! And Colorado has had recreational marijuana for 6 years now, so that’s definitely saying something. The marijuana industry is booming in LA and it seems like there is a new dispensary opening its doors every day.

So if you live in LA or plan on visiting, you definitely have choices. Even if you tried 3 new shops a day it would take you over a year to try them all. So we thought we would make this easy. We’ve narrowed it down and put together a list of our top 10 favorite dispensaries! (Not in any particular order)


Exhalence – 10467 Roscoe Blvd, Sun Valley, CA

Exhalence Indoor Store Image

Originally a medical only facility, they have now opened their doors for adult recreational use. With their frequent deals and customer appreciation days, this is one of the top places to check out in LA. They run frequent BOGO deals and even offer a free joint when you spend over $20. Not bad!

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LA Wonderland Marijuana Dispensary Recreational – 150 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

LA Wonderland Marijuana Dispensary Panoramic

Originally names “LA Caregivers”, this dispensary was one of the top medical dispensaries in southern California. When recreational pot became legal, they became a fully licensed recreational dispensary.

This dispensary is high end for sure, but the prices are much cheaper than you would expect Their $20 eights are pretty popular! They also offer discounts to veterans.

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Sun Valley Caregivers – 11000 Randall St. #E, Sun Valley, CA

Sun Valley Caregivers Store Counter Image

If you are an oil or shatter lover, this is the place to be! They carry a wide variety of concentrated products and offer some fun and unique flavors. They do have reasonable prices and they do carry the Select brand, which makes some of the best cartridges and Ecigs you can get.

The menu is also always changing so you can frequent this place and still get something new!

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Nirvana Clinic – 1407 N Vermont Ave suite a, Los Angeles, CA

Nirvana Clinic Lobby

If you are looking for a medical card in LA, check out Nirvana clinic. While recreational is legal, there are some people under 21 who are in need of medical marijuana. Or, maybe you want to lower the taxes you pay for recreational marijuana. Either way, Nirvana clinic is still the best! You can walk in and out in 30 minutes with your new medical card.

We wanted to make sure everybody’s needs were included!

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TLC – 3650 E. Olympic Blvd (4th Floor) Los Angeles, CA

TLC Line Inside Store

TLC is one of the OG’s when it comes to pot shops in LA. They have been around for years offering consistent high quality products. They also offer a goody bag to first time customers. Another great reason to give them a try! If you are a frequent customer, they offer an express lane. But you might wanna stay a little longer!

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Medmen – Various Locations (medmen.com)

Med Men Inside Store Location

Medmen is considered the Apple store of pot shops. Their shops are very high end and they do have a diverse selection. They also accept debit cards at all locations! I might dress up when going to one of these stores, it feels like a high end restaurant.

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Green Goddess Collective – 1716 Main St, Venice, CA

Green Goddess Store Image Workers

Located on Venice Beach, Green Goddess is considered a hidden gem. They are also open a little later than most dispensaries in LA, so you can grab what you need late at night. While the menu is not as diverse as other dispensaries, they do offer consistently high quality products.

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Hollyweed – 5158 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Hollywood Store Image

Operating in LA since 2006, Hollyweed has a great menu of high quality bud. They offer daily deals and do have a great variety of products. They even offer a referral program if you bring them a new customer, so this is the perfect place to go with some friends!

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LaLa Land Collective – 10924 S Main St, Los Angeles, CA

LaLa Land Collective Store Image

LaLa land came to fame during the cannabis cup, where over 80 of their strains were given awards. This is the place to go if you want the best weed you can find. Over 80 awards can’t be wrong!

They also offer free joints on all purchases over $25 as well as some other great deals. Be sure not to miss this place!

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Kushfly Online Collective

Maybe you just don’t wanna go out today. If that’s the case, you should check out Kushfly. They deliver marijuana right to you! Once you become a verified customer, you get access to their large menu and can order anytime.

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That’s it guys! Hope you try one (or more) of our favorite shops. We’d love to hear your feedback so find us on Facebook!

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Joe Cason has been working in the cannabis industry for over 4 years. In that time he has written hundreds of articles and has worked for some of the largest cannabis publications in the country, including High Times Magazine. He currently works as a CBD activist and lobbyist in Tennessee, as well as a freelance web designer.

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