Seth Rogan Sets up Cannabis Carnival to Fight Alzheimer’s Disease.

Cannabis entrepreneur and comedian Seth Rogan seems to just be getting started with his cannabis ventures. Rogan will be hosting a “420-friendly” adult carnival to benefit Alzheimer’s research. 

Seth Rogan Alzheimer's Disease Charity Event

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The event, Hilarity for Charity, will feature comedians operating the carnival’s games and will also have a plethora of cannabis to go around. Comedians that are expected to participate include Regina Hall, Adam Devine, Ilana Glazer, Josh Gad, Nick Kroll, Kate Micucci, and Ike Barinholtz.

Rapper Anderson Paak will be performing as a musical guest, and pro skater Tony Hawk is slated to hit the halfpipe during the event.

Rogan has been an advocate for Alzheimer’s disease research ever since has mother-in-law was afflicted with early-onset Alzheimer’s. In 2014, he even spoke about the disease in front of Congress.

“We here at Hilarity for Charity love to fight Alzheimer’s disease, but we also love rides, alcohol and weed!” Rogen, owner of the cannabis company Houseplant, said in a promotional video for the charity event. “We also love trying to be good people so that in the event there is an afterlife, we don’t go to hell.”

The event will be taking place this September in Los Angeles. Proceeds from the festival will go towards helping fund research for Alzheimer’s disease. 

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