Which Social Media Platform Is Best for Your Cannabis Business?

Which social media platform is best for your cannabis business

Social media marketing is one of the most effective tools you can use for brand exposure. Social media allows you to interact with your clients directly, it increases awareness about your brand, and it can boost your leads and sales.

There are more than 3.4 billion social media users worldwide and over 246 million users in the US. And those numbers are expected to rise in the years to come. As a result, you should consider building a social media presence as part of your business marketing strategy.

But which social media platform is best for your cannabis business? Let’s find out.


What Social Media Should Help You Achieve

Although there are multiple social media platforms to choose from, each of them should help you achieve five things:

Brand Awareness

People cannot become your customers if they’ve never heard about your business. Your brand’s social media account should boost your visibility among potential clients, helping you reach a wide audience with minimal costs and little effort.

Communicate Authority

Your potential customers are bombarded with ads every time they look at a screen. As a result, they’re more likely to research a brand and its products before buying something.

Having a social media account that’s full of relevant content can build your brand’s authority. Posting and updating the information on your account regularly can show that your business is trustworthy and knowledgeable.

Display Authenticity

Let’s get one thing straight – there are a lot of cannabis businesses out there. If you want to stand out from your competitors, you need to be authentic. Think about what sets your business apart. Why should customers choose you over other cannabis businesses that offer the same products or services?

Use this information when building your social media presence. Let your brand’s personality touch everything you share on social media. Choose the right tone for your message and stay true to your business values.

Your customers are interested in connecting with an authentic brand. Be one.

Stimulate Engagement

Social media marketing revolutionized the marketing industry because it changed the way customers interact with brands. Before social media, the only way you could interact with a brand was through their customer support service.

Nowadays, everyone can contact your business directly through your social media account. And that can play to your advantage.

Connect with your audience to stimulate engagement and boost your authority.

Provide Support

Most of your customers won’t even try calling your customer support service if they can contact your brand directly through social media when they encounter a problem.

Responding to your customer’s questions and concerns over social media can make your brand seem positive and helpful.


The Best Social Media Platform for Cannabis Businesses

Every social media platform has pros and cons. The simplest way to find the best social media platform for your cannabis business is to determine your ideal customer.

If you know who your ideal customer is, you know which social media platform they’re using to find out new things and to interact with brands. Here are the best options:


LinkedIn is probably the most overlooked social media platform for cannabis businesses. However, LinkedIn might be the perfect social media platform for profitable cannabis businesses with B2B portfolios.


Facebook is not as popular as it once was, it’s estimated that about 68% of US adults still use it. Even though Facebook’s algorithm puts an emphasis on businesses paying money to reach their audiences, you should still create a Facebook page to interact with your clients.

Although Facebook has strict guidelines against advertising cannabis-related products, you can still use it for reviews, check-ins and engaging posts.


Instagram is probably the most popular social media platform for cannabis businesses. Insta focuses on images, so it’s a great platform for businesses that have images to share.

This social media platform is owned by Facebook, so advertising cannabis products on it can be problematic.


Twitter is a social media platform that focuses on short messages full of data and helpful information. Businesses need to be active on a regular if they want to grow an audience on Twitter.

However, if your cannabis business is B2B or it relies on data or facts for success, Twitter can be the perfect social media platform for your brand.


In October 2019, Reddit registered almost 1.27 billion visits. Reddit is also one of the most popular apps in the US. And the great thing for businesses is that users on Reddit choose what topics they follow.

Using Reddit to advertise your products or services might not increase your brand’s awareness as much as Facebook advertising might, but it might display your ads to a more receptive audience.

Tell us which platform you think might be the right fit for your brand?

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