Struggling Desert Town Hopes To Find Refuge In The Cannabis Industry


Needles, California, a small desert city located just near the border of Arizona, is looking to gamble on the cannabis industry in hope that the town can become revitalized. Jeff Williams, the incoming mayor of the small city, understands that by putting an effort towards becoming a key player in the cannabis industry, it’s possible to avoid the death of this small community.

Williams is quoted saying, “If a small community like this isn’t growing, it’s dying — anf that’s what we were doing. We needed to do something.”

And do something they did. The City Council has given its approval for 81 permits for cannabis businesses over the last 3 years. Since then, four stores have begun selling cannabis to the public. This is approximately 100 times the number of dispensaries per person found in the state of California.

The city has taken its old run-down buildings and converted them into cannabis growing facilities. New buildings have been built for those looking to manufacture concentrates and edibles as well. If everything continues as planned, the local officials are hoping they will be able to generate approximately 2,100 jobs. This is more jobs than currently found in Needles, showing just how impressive this cannabis business growth is in this city.

What city are you living in? Are you seeing any big changes as the cannabis industry expands?

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