The Study of Marijuana and Its Medicinal Use For Consumers

The medicinal properties of marijuana had been used by different societies all over the globe for centuries, despite its prohibition in the 1930s and 1940s it was still employed for health issues and recreational uses clandestinely. Today the debate is left wide open. With its legalization on several countries and various states within the US, the undeniable potential of cannabis is under constant investigation.

This time at the Tel Aviv University in Israel, a group of scientists led by Dr. Yankel Gabet of the Bone Research Laboratory, confirmed that the administration of cannabinoid cannabidiol or CBD can heal bone cracks significantly. The experts used rats with several fractures and gave them a controlled dose of CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), concluding that “CBD alone is sufficiently effective at enhancing fracture healing”.

Another great discovery made by the same team, explores the relationship between cannabinoids and our body receptors, in order to fight illnesses like osteoporosis. “We only respond to cannabis because we are built with intrinsic compounds and receptors that can also be activated by chemicals in the cannabis plant”, said Dr. Gabet. This means that our bones are regulated by CBDs reaching vital and non-vital systems altogether.

There is a lot of work to do in regards to these investigations, but Dr. Gabet firmly believes that the clinical future of cannabinoid-related compounds is “undeniable at this point”, assuring that most treatments will see the disruption of the cannabis industry at an unprecedented pace. These are some of them:

  • Used to increase the appetite on AIDS patients.
  • To lessen the effects of chemotherapy and to soften pain.
  • To regulate blood sugar.
  • To slow down the progression of HIV.
  • Treatment of patients with Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis.
  • To reduce the metastatic growth of various forms of cancer.
  • To treat schizophrenia and paranoia.
  • And much more.

Cannabis enhances the maturation of the collagenous matrix, vital for the healing process, making bones stronger and increasingly difficult to break again, supporting the new mineralization of its tissue. Already illegal in the US at the federal level, Dr. Gabet and his group of scientists hope that one day more states will join the promising future of medical marijuana, making these advancements available for more patients that need them with urgency.

Andres Rodriguez has been working as a marketing, financial and cannabis industry writer for more than 6 years. International brands, institutions, and individuals saw his words as a promising expression of how our society is changing for the better.

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