Study Shows Regular Cannabis Consumers Better at Distracted Driving Tasks

According to Norml, frequent cannabis users only showcase small changes in driving performance soon after cannabis smoking. The study was published in the journal Traffic Injury Prevention.

man driving car during golden hour
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University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus and the University of Iowa researchers looked at driving simulated performance categorized by frequent and infrequent cannabis consumption. The subjects had their own cannabis, which had between 15 and 30 percent THC. After smoking, the subjects participated in a series of distracted driving scenarios.

Authors claimed, “Those with a pattern of occasional use were significantly more likely to experience a lane departure during distraction periods after acute cannabis use relative to baseline, while those with daily use did not exhibit a similar increase.”

Just as with other studies, the analysts further explained, “Participants with a pattern of daily use decreased their speed, which may be interpreted as a drug effect or as a compensatory strategy.”

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