The Debate Over Cannabis Oil Continues In New York

Oddly enough, New York must continue pushing to make its CBD readily available to those in need. The New York Health Department banned CBD, claiming that the chemical compound should be given the same treatment as the psychoactive cannabis compound, THC.

A passion-packed hearing occurred before the Food and Drug Administration on Friday. With over 400 applicants from throughout the United States in attendance petitioning the F.D.A with hopes to testify, it’s easy to see the desire to legalize New York cannabis oil is running rampant.

The people in attendance ranged from law firms to retailers. With such a large number of people looking to speak, the agency had to turn to a lottery system, enabling just 120 speakers to testify for between two and five minutes apiece.

Winthrop Roosevelt, the spokesman for City Councilman Mark Levine, is quoted as saying, “We see it as kind of ironic that we are going after CBD while doing a legalization push for marijuana.”

CBD currently has some opposing views. While some people are claiming the health benefits of this substance, others are stating it’s dangerous. With the F.D.A. under congressional pressure to open the CBD market to allow the release of some cannabis products, ultimately, we’re waiting on the F.D.A.’s decision.

At this point, it will be the F.D.A.’s choice as to whether or not companies will be allowed to continue selling CBD products or force the products to get pulled. During the hearing on Friday, lots of academic researchers claimed that CBD doesn’t provide the health benefits others are claiming. They’re calling for more clinical trials, saying these should be done before making CBD widely available.


How do you weigh in on this argument? Are you for or against CBD? Do you believe in the benefits? Or do you think more research is necessary?

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