Trym, a Cannabis Cultivation Platform, Raised $3.1M Seed Funding

Trym cannabis software

Software is essential in this budding industry – especially for commercial cannabis operations. One cannabis cultivation platform, Trym, just announced that it has raised $3.1 million in seed funding to assist in expanding its software offerings.

Trym’s software solution provides commercial growers with an impressive set of features. These include integration with the regulatory platform Metrc, as well as environmental sensors. With this system, growers have a powerful tool they’re using to grow cannabis – and their businesses. The comprehensive analytics capabilities and operations management support these businesses in all aspects of growth.

This seed round was obtained from friends and family, as well as some investors. Of the $3.1 million, around one-third of it came from friends and family. But 7thirty Capital and Delta Emerald Ventures co-led the additional funding with Welcan Capital, Arcview, and other investors.

“Our investors are a perfect match with Trym’s DNA,” CEO and co-founder of Trym said in a recently released statement. “They understand that connectivity is the future of cannabis agriculture and that to stay in the game, commercial cultivators have to closely track and manage all aspects of their business. A disruption is happening in the market, and we are helping to drive it.”

As the cannabis sector continues its growth, the need for cannabis software expands with it. New entrants and developers are exploring this market, and the days when growers kept track of their operations on notepads are over.

With cannabis legalization in the U.S., more platforms for cannabis are available than ever before. The need for appropriate bookkeeping and the need to adhere to constantly-shifting regulations ensures software will always remain essential.

“The growth opportunity in the cannabis cultivation software market is very exciting for us,” Micah Tapman, managing partner at 7thirty Capital, explained in a released statement. “Trym is disrupting cannabis cultivation with a comprehensive software platform that streamlines business and connects the whole team for more efficient farm management.”

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