Mike Tyson Delivering a ‘Knockout’ Product: Printed Cannabis Beverages

mike tyson printed cannabis beverages

There’s no denying that the cannabis industry is saturated with a wide assortment of infused products. Lip balm, massage oil, gum – you name it, there’s likely an infusion available.

But Mike Tyson is looking to deliver a knockout product after obtaining a global license to print – yes, print – cannabis products.

Like nearly any sensible person, you’re wondering what it means to print a cannabis beverage. Tyson partnered with Smart Cups – a company that created the first printed beverage – to get its IP licensing for The Ranch Companies.

Tyson’s The Ranch Companies can now print ingestible cannabis products containing consistently accurate doses. But how does this work?

“For The Ranch Companies, it is very exciting to be working with Smart Cups’ technology, because it gives us the opportunity to make anything that is possible with this innovative tech,” Tyson said. “Having the ability to produce lines of ingestible cannabis products that will have accurate and consistent doses of cannabis is incredibly important to us.”

Each Smart Cup has its ingredients printed directly into the cup. Just add water, and you have a drink.

Smart Cups’ tech is meant to be a drug delivery system. Each time you pour water into one of these cups, you know exactly what you’re getting.

‘The active and flavor ingredients are printed onto the surface substrates of the cup. And this eliminates all of the liquid from the beverage, lessening the transportation costs and carbon footprints associated with these products, as well.

Micro-encapsulation printing technology is the printing tech. This allows the company to infuse plant-based products into the substrate that’s embedded in the bioplastic cups.

Tyson commented on the tech saying, “I mean, when you look at what they are doing it is really cool. I see long-term benefits it will have, helping people be confident and understanding proper dosing. It is important to know what we are putting in our bodies, as well as how much of certain ingredients, medicines, etc.”

What do you think? Would you drink a printed cannabis-infused beverage? You’ll get the chance to soon enough!

Louis Levey is the Content Success Manager and Founder at No Strings Content. He's passionate about helping cannabis businesses use content to attract, educate, and convert audiences. His hometown is Boca Raton, Florida, but he currently lives and works remotely in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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