Weed Week Raids in Stanislaus County

The Mod Bee reported that this week, the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office is conducting raids as part of Weed Week. The infrared outline of a figure moving quickly through marijuana plants was evident when imaging from the sheriff’s drone 350 feet above switched to infrared mode.

The display showed a man on a large video screen from the reporter’s safe perch at the mobile command post, where officers were monitoring the scene. The man was clearly trying to flee from the armored vehicle blasting high-volume “come out” commands with sirens and horns at the other end of the property in south Modesto.

The man scaled a fence before slowing down to a stroll upon reaching a rear alley. Then, he entered the side yard of a neighboring lot and sat in a lawn chair at a round table. Not long after, Stanislaus County deputies arrived with drawn rifles, encouraging the man’s hands to rise in surrender.

Not long after, SWAT agents in an armored vehicle struck the chained gate, deploying loud flash bangs before going through the buildings, vehicles, and tarp-covered grows.

The runner was a convicted felon, but also the husband and father of a wife and young children. His family was revealed huddled in a small house situated at the front of the illicit grow op.

The police unofficially call this “Weed Week,” which is a five-day operation that involves busting black market cannabis farms, with four teams operating for the entire duration of the week. Stanislaus deputies set the raids up with assistance from special teams operating in other law enforcement agencies.

This Weed Week resulted in 86 arrests at 34 illegal grow ops throughout the county. The officers confiscated 40,000 marijuana plants, 12 guns, and 4,357 pounds of processed marijuana. The street value seized exceeds $55 million.

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