What is Cannabis Trim?

what is cannabis trim

For those operating in the cultivation sector, cannabis trim is a way of life. As a cannabis waste disposal service operating in California, we know trim all too well!

But for anyone just now getting involved in the grow space, you might be wondering, “What is cannabis trim?”

In this post, we’ll explain cannabis trim more in-depth and offer some ideas for how you can use it.

So, What is Cannabis Trim?

A lot of people don’t know this, but the best cannabis plants will actually produce two immediate byproducts – the buds you know and love, as well as a second product called “trim.”

Cannabis trimmings are the leaves and branches that come off of harvested flower buds. Trimming allows growers to remove all of the excess plant matter, allowing them to produce a marketable product.

Trim is often overlooked by growers, but it can be turned into an incredibly potent substance. Whether it’s used to make bubble hash, edibles, concentrate, or something else, it’s ideal to utilize your trim to make the most of your yield.

The two main components of your trim are the sugar leaves and fan leaves. Here’s a bit more on the difference between them:

Sugar Leaves in Cannabis Trim

Sugar leaves are just that – leaves with a small amount of THC at the base, surrounded by loose strands. As they are taken off of the flower during trimming, sugar leaves do not contain nearly as much THC as buds; however, they still have some psychoactive potential and may be used to produce extracts such as rosin or bubble hash.

Your sugar leaves are the most potent part of your trim. These have plenty of trichomes, and while you don’t want to smoke them, it’s great for creating popular products. Some will even include these little leaves in pre-roll joints.

Fan Leaves in Trim

The bulk of trimmings is made up of fan leaves. These leaves contain little THC; however, they are still useful for making edibles or hash. Since fan leaves aren’t smokable, many growers will compost them or throw them away.

But while they don’t contain loads of THC, fan leaves do contain trichomes, which means they can be used to make hash or whole-plant extractions. So, if you’re operating a small grow with lots of trim, don’t simply toss or compost your fan leaves. Make the most of it with a round of extraction!

What is Cannabis Trim Good for?

Cannabis trim has a variety of applications beyond creating products such as rosin and hash. Here are some ideas for what you can do with your cannabis trim:

Transforming Cannabis Trim into Concentrates

The kief in your trim is valuable and full of concentrates. Here’s how you can collect it during your trim:

  • Use a bud trimmer that collects kief while you’re harvesting your buds. If you’re operating a small grow, this is usually the most straightforward option.
  • Use a silkscreen. For this method, you’ll rub your trim across the screen. This will separate the kief from your leaves, allowing it to fall through the screen down to the collection tray below.
  • Use a dry sift tumbler. Dry sift tumblers are excellent for quick kief collection at a large-scale commercial operation.

After you finish collecting your kief, you can choose to use it as you see fit, or you can decarboxylate and press it into rosin.

Making Edibles Using Cannabis Trim

Once your cannabis trim has been properly dried, you can turn it into tasty edibles using a variety of popular recipes. Budder, or infused butter, is usually the go-to. However, nearly any oil or fat can be infused. But make sure to decarboxylate your cannabis trim first!

Decarboxylation involves heating the trim to activate its cannabinoids. This heat converts non-psychoactive THC-A into psychoactive THC.

To decarb your leaves, spread them on a baking sheet and bake them at 240 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour. Then, it’s ready to use for a butter or oil infusion.

Toss the decarbed trim (1/4 cup of sugar leaves) into some butter (2 cups, around 450g) and water (4 cups) in a slow cooker. Let it simmer on low for 12 hours for a nice infusion. Then, strain it, refrigerate it, remove the water, and your budder is ready for use!

Concluding on Cannabis Trim

Now that you know what cannabis trim is and how to use it, you can make the most of your yield. If you’re new to cultivation, now is the time to enjoy your cannabis trim, because as your operation grows, your trim weight will, too!

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