What Snacks Hit The Spot When You’re Sky High

Burgers, ramen, Frankenstein grilled cheeses, and more — beat the munchies fast with these stoner snack tips.

Eating after getting stoned is essential, and by the time the bud is gone, everyone is making a wild dash to the fridge. Unless, of course, you haven’t stocked up on the right ingredients. Then fast food is the go-to — but you can do better than that. 

Let’s talk munchies beyond salty chips and sugary cookies — keep these stoner snack foods in mind and on hand for the times when you’re beyond stoned and craving something insanely tasty.


A burger with all the fixings makes for an incredible stoner snack. While they can be rather labor-intensive, burgers are the epitome of desire after smoking the herb. This greasy sandwich gives a vast sea of options and depending on your mood, you can make your burger your way — unlike some fast-food joints where they won’t add a fried egg to your burger.

The best part about burgers is that many of the ingredients also make great stoner snacks. Bacon? Awesome while high. Cheese? Who can get enough cheese? Eggs, french fries, onion rings — and the list goes on.

So yea, burgers? Legendary stoner snack. Keep your freezer stocked with burger patties.

food when high

These cheap noodles are how people get by when they’re trying to save money. But they’re seriously one of the most versatile foods around. Add ramen to anything to make it better, and add to your ramen to match your tastes. Whether you go for a soup or craft a burger bun out of ramen noodles, it’s incredible what can be done with these inexpensive packets of noodles. So get crazy with it and experiment!

stoner snack ramen instant high food



Cheese works with just about anything. Thus, the possibilities are endless. Sandwiches? They taste better when they have cheese. Fries? Better with melted cheese. On its own? Simply delicious. 

If you have fries, melt some cheese on them and call it a day. A massive portion of cheese fries will satisfy the hunger of almost any stoner with ease.

stoner food cheese high


Ginormous Grilled Cheese

There’s just something about buttery, cheesy goodness that satisfies the stoner in everyone. While the perfect grilled cheese sandwich is a bit more complex than a triple decker PB&J, it’s worth the extra effort. 

So for this, you’ll need bread, cheese, butter, and anything else you might want to add (bacon, brisket, etc.). You’ll also need a pan to make grilled cheese. 

Load two slices of bread up with as much cheese as you can handle. Then, spread some butter on each of the outer layers of the sandwich. Heat a pan and grill each side on medium heat until your grilled cheese is golden brown. If the cheese isn’t fully melted, finish it off in the oven to make it right.

stoner food grilled cheese


Massive Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich With A Cup Of Milk

What’s better than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? A super-sized peanut butter and jelly sandwich after catching a buzz. These are super simple to make, and keeping your fridge stocked with the right ingredients is pretty easy.

All you’ll need is peanut butter, jelly (grape jelly is the general preference, but if you want to switch it up a bit, try some strawberry jelly — you’ll thank me later), and your bread of choice. Oh, and let’s not forget the ice, cold refreshing cup of milk to wash it all down.

stoner snacks peanut butter and jelly sandwich

So the sandwich goes bread, peanut butter, jelly, bread, peanut butter, jelly, bread. But feel free to experiment. Personally, I like layering each slice thick with peanut butter and putting globs of jelly throughout the sandwich. 

For those looking to make this timeless classic a bit healthier, try using sliced grapes or strawberries in place of the jelly. But if you’re anything like us, you can ditch the jelly and add some marshmallow fluff to make a Fluffernutter.

By the way, keep the crust on — you’re an adult now.


Hungry now? Me too. What’s your favorite stoner snack? Leave your favorite recipes in the comments!

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