What Would Happen If Big Tobacco Gets Involved In The Marijuana Industry?

Big tobacco companies have been wanting to enter the marijuana industry for quite some time now. For years, tobacco companies were against legalization. What suddenly changed their minds? When you look at the revenue generated by the marijuana industry you’ll start to see the picture.

As the marijuana gold rush, or green rush, continues, it’s likely that big tobacco will want a piece of that pie. For years, they saw legalization as a threat to the tobacco industry. Now, they want to join. It only makes sense, you can walk into your routine 7 eleven, grab a coffee and a pack of joints before you head to work. However, the convenience might not be worth it if big tobacco joins in the marijuana industry. Here’s why:

Lower Quality Products

Tobacco industries are known for their low quality leaves. For big companies margins are everything. There is such a demand for tobacco that they are all about quantity over quality. That’s not what marijuana consumers are looking for. If tobacco companies take a high quality marijuana strain and attempt to make it cheaper, the quality will be recognizably lower. The consumer is the one who suffers here!

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Possible Synthetic Chemicals

We all know how many chemicals tobacco companies add to make cigarettes stronger and more addictive for the price. However, marijuana has a different mind altering effect to tobacco. So in order to get the same effect in cheaper marijuana leaves, there are concerns that these companies will add synthetic THC to their products. Synthetic THC is known to be dangerous and deadly to those who consume it so we definitely don’t want companies snooping around to find loopholes.

Hurting the Marijuana Reputation

The number one concern for tobacco companies getting in the marijuana industry is the reputation. As activists nationwide work hard to remove the stigma against marijuana, tobacco companies will add a negative presence to the industry. While support for marijuana is growing, tobacco companies getting involved can harm progress. Tobacco products have been negatively campaigned against for decades due to their harmful chemicals. Big tobacco getting involved in marijuana is an anti-marijuana crusaders dream.

What Can We Do?

Any intervention in the marijuana industry by big tobacco might be a bad sign for true weed lovers. Big tobacco brings a stigma and a negative history along with it that can be harmful for those who worked hard to get marijuana legalized. It will also hurt the smaller marijuana shops that we all know and love! Convenience at the expense of lower quality and reputation is not something the marijuana industry needs.

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Thankfully, we aren’t seeing any major interventions right now. Hopefully, it remains that way!

Joe Cason has been working in the cannabis industry for over 4 years. In that time he has written hundreds of articles and has worked for some of the largest cannabis publications in the country, including High Times Magazine. He currently works as a CBD activist and lobbyist in Tennessee, as well as a freelance web designer.

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