Why Training Budtenders Is so Important for Cannabis Dispensaries

Budtenders play a vital role in the success a dispensary will achieve. You rely on these team members to interact with your customers and provide them with a pleasurable experience. This makes training budtenders a crucial step in growing your sales and increasing repeat business.


Budtenders Are a Reflection of Your Brand

As the cannabis industry grows, more people are willing to try cannabis products. These people are often inexperienced and might not be familiar with the effects of different cannabis products.

Creating a welcome environment includes having budtenders that are knowledgeable and engaging. First impressions certainly matter, especially to customers that already come in with uncertainty. The impression your staff leaves with customers makes all the difference in the world.

Inexperienced cannabis consumers often ask multiple questions before deciding on a product, and they can easily feel overwhelmed by the abundance of products on your menu. The budtender should make them feel welcome, at ease, and comfortable about asking questions during their shopping experience.

A helpful and knowledgeable budtender can help your business grow. On the other hand, a rude one can push potential customers away. Training your budtenders and explaining how they should interact with clients can guarantee their return and increase your sales.

After all customers rarely see what goes on behind closed doors but they see your budtenders and the service they receive is how they will perceive your brand. Thus, training budtenders can greatly impact your brand.


Knowing What Questions To Ask

Asking questions delicately but strategically is a fundamental skill in customer service.

If “How can I help?” or “What are you looking for?” are the only questions budtenders ask, the chances are customers will respond with the generic replies, “I don’t know”, “I’m looking around”, etc.

Budtenders should be trained to carry the conversation from there by asking what type of experience the clients are looking for or what symptoms they wish to treat, helping the customers narrow down their search.

This creates better value for the customer. By simple asking the right questions a budtender will be able to narrow down what the needs of the customer are and then can effectively deliver product suggestions.


Knowledge Is Attractive

It’s not the budtenders job to diagnose a customer. But, in connection with asking the right questions, every budtender should know what to recommend based on the customers needs. This stems from a thorough understanding of every product in the store and what problems or ailments do each solve.

Knowing what you have in stock and what each strain or product can do is very important when you are in the business of selling products.

Naturally, it’s difficult to have a conversation with someone if you don’t know what they’re talking about. Budtenders should be familiar with the terms your customers are using. They should know all about cannabinoids, terpenes, entourage effect, shatter, etc, and how to translate these terms in plainly.

In addition, the importance of proper dosing cannot be overstated, especially when dealing with new customers. Disclosing to customers how much to consume for edible type purchases is something that could add tremendous value to your brand.


Ultimately, training your staff to ensure a premium level of service is no small feat. It takes a lot of work and time, however the results can prove to be well worth it. Consumers don’t walk into dispensaries simply to buy bud anymore. It’s about having a real experience and being educated on what new products to try. It all boils down to spending the time to train your budtenders fully and properly.

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