Will Dispensaries Sell Out For 420 This Year?

As cannabis retailers prepare for the madness of 4/20, the expected increase in sales is driving everyone to stock up. So what’s this holiday all about?

Well, several myths are out and about, but the editor or High Times, Steven Hager, claims that the term originated at San Rafael High School back in 1971. There was a group of people calling themselves the Waldos. They’d meet to smoke the prohibited herb at 4:20 every day.

Since smoking cannabis was illegal, they would use the code “420” to say they were going to smoke. Over time, the term became popular, and while the precise origin might not be known, the term is still being used to this day.

These days, 4/20, or April 20th, is somewhat of a holiday for cannabis enthusiasts. Thus, this is the day when cannabis sales can be expected to go through the roof!

Using the sales from last year as a predictor, we can expect at least double the purchases.

Looking at the data, 2019’s 4/20 should bring cannabis sales twice as high as comparable days in the U.S. markets. In fact, cannabis consumers will be heading to the dispensaries on 4/19 and 4/20 to ensure they’re stocked up and ready to go for the holiday.

The following is a graph showing the 4/20 sales in some of the largest U.S. cannabis markets from last year:

As cannabis consumers prepare for 4/20, we can expect bud sales to increase as the date gets nearer. So make sure to stock up on your favorite strain, edibles, and concentrates beforehand, and enjoy this 4-20!

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